Sunday, January 24, 2010

Darn! And NEW feel good video

So the Seahawks bit butt this season... and neither my Cardinals nor my Vikings made it to the Superbowl. This officially ends my football season. Although if anyone is having a Superbowl party around my area, let me know and Ill bring dip! ;)

Some random thoughts I've been waiting to blog about but didn't have enough material to fill the page with:

-My new feel good video...again from OKGO (because they are super awesome).

-No matter how cute you are, or how trendy you think your workout gear is...wearing a fanny pack to the gym is neither cute nor trendy.

-I fantasize sometimes about getting rid of my facebook, blogger, youtube, etc...and just living out the rest of my days as a fabulous bum in San Fran. But I think people would just wonder if I was dead in a ditch somewhere even more so than they do now.

-My FedEx guy looks like Brett Favre. No, not 1990s Brett Favre with the mullet and preteen "no I don't need to shave everyday" baby face. The rugged and oh so fantabulously hawt silver haired Brett of today... except more rugged and muscled (if you can believe that...he plays league rugby apparently). I told him so a couple weeks ago and he couldn't stop laughing. Dave, if you're reading this... quit laughing at me!

-It's easier to eat healthy and diet if you don't know how to bake. Conversely...since I know how to bake and make fabulous candies and desserts, I've gotten fat again. More on this later.

-I've recently been obsessed with Marching Band videos and such (see Feel good video reference up top). And before you guys ask, yes I was a band geek from 9yrs old all the way to high school, up to and including three years in Marching Band. Oh yes, I rocked out and jammed on my flute and piccolo!

-My 10 year high school reunion is this year. One of my best friends (who graduated at the same time as I did) asked if I was gonna go. Hmmm...lemme think...I didn't like any of those people while I was IN high school. Do I really wanna go back and find out that after 10 years, I STILL don't like any of them? Nah...

-This happens at least once a day:
Random person: "are you Vietnamese?"
Me: "Nope...not even a little bit..."
Random person: "are you sure?"
Me: "uhhhhh....yeah. I'm filipino"
Random person: "Well, I thought you were Viet because you're so pretty"
...well shiet. Now I don't know if I'm insulted that they think I'm too stupid to know my own ethnicity, or be flattered that they think I'm pretty, or be insulted again that they think I have to be Viet to be pretty. Oh, the dilemma!

-The random naked people I encounter at my gym's locker room are NEVER the hot and gorgeous babes I wouldn't mind looking at. Nay, they are always the out of shape slightly skanky women that sit their nekkid behinds right next to you on the bench and wanna chat about where you got your duffel bag from. Interestingly enough, these are also the women who wear skin tight shorts and just a sports bra and sweating all over your favorite treadmill right before you hop on.

-At a certain age...women should stop wearing g-string and thong type undies. Case in point, the 67 year old grandma bending over in front of me to pick up her keys at the Safeway baking goods aisle.


The Unbearable Banishment said...

I NEVER attended ANY of my high school reunions. If those were the best days of your life, then you're doing something wrong.

I totally agree. Silver hair is the way to go.

Please tell me you're kidding about the 67-year old G-string granny. What a horrible image to start my day off with.

B.E. Earl said...

Wow...the "I thought you were Viet because you are so pretty" line is just so odd in so many ways. Who the hell says stuff like that?

Just take the pretty part and leave the rest of the ignorance behind. That's my advice.

SkylersDad said...

Amazing how people will question your heritage. I have had people argue with me about Skylers diagnosis in the line at the supermarket!

NMOS said...

-OKGO is always funny. Now I have treadmills stuck in my head.

-just the words "fanny pack" sound funny.

-I've been thinking about dropping all my social networking sites too. I'd have more time to do more productive things. Maybe being a bum isn't so bad.

-My mailperson is either an Asian guy that wants to kill me, or a Caucasian lady that wants to kill me. I don't really check my mailbox that often.

-You're right. If I knew how to bake, I think it would be dangerous for me. As for you, you look great just the way you are...seriously. I promise not to take you to any dessert places (like Dilettante), unless you really want to.

-Marching bands can actually be pretty neat to watch. Nothing wrong with that. There was actually this one time, in band camp......

-I actually had a good experience in high school, but I'm not about to travel back to the East Coast just to attend my reunion.

-You look Filipino to me only because I can spot other Filipinos, and that's a stupid pickup line. Don't they know Filipinas are pretty too?

-You think that's unsightly at your gym? Try the men's locker room. Not good either. Plus, I'm pretty sure ours smell a lot worse.

-When I think of "g-string" and/or "thong", I don't associate them with a 67-year old grandma. I will have nightmares tonight.

-I'll let you know if/when I throw a Superbowl party. My sister usually throws one at her house, along with good food. I'll call you. I want to try that homemade dip.

J.J. in L.A. said...

First of all, I think the Vikings played (kinda) stupidly - don't get me wrong, I was rooting for them! But, when the score is so close, who runs the ball (then loses it) when they're within kicking range???

You're so lucky! My UPS guy is short and chubby. His legs aren't even worthy of those shorts.

And the only reason I went to my 10 year reunion was to see how "the beautiful people" turned out. I wasn't disappointed! The "best body" girl walked in and I laughed my @$$ off. She looked like Mrs. Butterworth!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Btw, the execution of the video* was awesome! But those grassy people were kinda creepy. lol!

*I watched it after leaving my 1st comment. Oops!

Chris said...

What's wrong with 67 y/o granny panites? GILF's need love too!

Hey, are you part Eskimo? No? Are you sure, because you are so pretty. Well, that and you're clubbing that little baby seal there.

Cora said...

Oh God, I know! When I used to take my child swimming at the pool, the locker room was always full of naked 500 pound grannies, jiggling and flopping and flapping all over the place.


Cora said...

Btw, go to the reunion. It'll be a BRILLIANT laugh, I promise. I about died laughing at mine. You won't believe how much some people have changed in a mere 10 years!!


Or else.

I mean it.

words...words...words... said...

You know, I fantasize about being a bum sometimes too. I know how naive and horrible that is. But I do it anyway. I'm guessing that more hectic and technology-based life is, the more people do it.

And I never went to any of my reunions. Four years of that was plenty, thanks.

Anonymous said...

the cinnabuns are back in town. contact me if you are still interested in participating!

sidney said...

Geez ~E we all know that you're only pretty when you pretend to be Vietnamese.

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Scope said...

Hello? Hello? Anybody here?

I left you an award over at SCOPE-TECH.

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