Friday, December 5, 2008

See? We're not all incestuous uncles and suicidal teens!

I read on an online article once that Washington State has the highest incidence of depression related suicide deaths in the country (is there any other kind?). Apparently it's because it's gray and nasty here 10 months out of the year and the lack of Vitamin D makes people depressed blah blah blah.

And then one of you...I can't remember who, possibly MJenks or Some Guy...posted an article about some dude who lives in this state who drew up a contract that allowed him to rape his mentally special niece.

Well... I guess above all that, we are also a haven for vampiric teenage angst ridden lovers. Yeah...Seriously... The "movie phenomenon of the season" Twilight? Set right here in Washington State!

So take that!


That damn expat said...

I'm from a neighboring state and I can attest to that fact. We get lots of rain but man, Washington is depressing!
The only believable part of Twilight was vampires and werevolves living there.

Trooper Thorn said...

Only in Washington State could the Grunge movement have started - further proof of the depressed nature.
Hard to blame folks though. UW and WSU have 2 wins bwteen them. Marilers over 100 losses. Seahawks 2 wins for a Superbowl pick. The Sonics are gone and there is no NHL team. Could it get worse?

~E said...

Trooper and Expat: wow guys, way to cheer me up about living here! Seriously! I had forgotten about the sports situation but criminy, now I not only remember about the Seahawks and the Huskies but I also haven't smiled yet today.


except for that one!